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New fuel pump design

Ralph wrote: The Audi dealer told me
the old design is discontinued in favor of a different pump.  The new
is cheaper, (I think it was about $130 from Linda at Carlson) but it
requires a plastic sleeve adaptor and a fuel line adaptor (both
from Audi).

I called Calsen and Blau and the best price I got was about $240 (don't
remember who had the lowest). My local Import Car Parts had one for
$200. This was the old design.

One of my many phone calls was to a local Audi dealer who explained the
new design eliminated the external press. damper. He said it comes with
the necessary hardware to cap off the line. The Audi dealer price was
$325 - ouch!

My new pump (old design) is so quiet that when I first turned it on I
had to check it with a DVM to verify it was working. I guess I have been
putting up with noisy Audi fuel pumps for too long.

87 5KTQ