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RE:Help...I did it now!

I think you got a hell of a deal. You must like the car or you would not
have paid that cash in the first place (my brother in-law recently paid
18K for similar car - 91 TQW 20V). 

Now you have an opportunity to have the dealer perform hundreds of
dollars in repairs or the deal is off. I think even though the
circumstances were a little scarey you got lucky that this happened when
it did otherwise you would be stuck with the repair bill.

Do the bomb test yourself (pump the pedal ~30 times with engine off and
you should still have power assist) and stick to your guns. If it won't
pass the bomb test make them replace it.

P.S. What dealer was it - just curious. I have long been suspect of
dealers who say they have checked the car out completely. I usually tell
them that I am going to take it to my maecanic just to get their

87 5KTQ
Littleton, CO