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"Radar Scramblers"

About 5 years ago my dads company dabbled in Radar Jammers.
 The units we had were designed to mimic an aftermarket cruise control box in fact
I still have a few of them but any way it had two antenna leads one for the inside
of the grill and one to mount under and back of the rear Bumper.
 Using A radar gun we tested these and found that they do indeed work wonderfuly
and from even great distances as well as close distances. the front control panel
had ajustuble push button settings for 25,35,45,55,65. 

the only problem with these units are that they ran so hot that they had a short
life span usualy under 2 years. 

Some problems I experianced using these were simply 

1. cars in front of you slam on there brakes because of there radar detectors go
off wildly when nearing them.

2. My fathers mistake: 
When exiting the freeway on to the offramp always remember to ajust the speed setting
down to the the new legal speed limit that you just entered he once got a ticket
for doing 65 mph in a 25. The sad part was he was only doing 30
Nick Ramone
Redwood City California
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>>I recently saw an ad for a device that "reflected" radar and lidar signals,
>>supposedly wrecking the return signal by adding an FM signal etc. Given
>>that I've had three tickets in the last year (despite having virtually none
>>in the years before), I'm looking for better anti-revenue technology than
>>my current radar detector. Do any of the Tech Gurus or just plain
>>opinionated have an opinion about these devices? If they work I'll pay
>>happily, but I sort of recall reading something to the effect that they
>I own a "Phazer II", a $300 or so jammer/scrambler, which I sealed the case
>and mounted it behind the grill of my car, thus blasting forward without
>too many fears.  It works very well, though mounting location makes a major
>If you attach it to your windshield, you have more protection in the front
>than rear, however you will have some.  Where I mounted it, I only have
>forward protection, however I drive all over the east coast, and would
>rather have it behind the grill out of site than to have it taken away
>because that particular state says "no devices that transmit".
>Also, if you are driving on a major or national road, you will find that on
>Channel 19, the truckers kindly state "Smokey on the right", "Smokey on the
>left" quite often, as well as announcing women in convertibles.
>Frederic Breitwieser
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>17x11" rims.

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