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Re: Torque Wrench question...

Dan "Listmeister" Simoes said:

>> If you buy your Torque wrench from Sears or Home Depot (Husky Brand) they
>> both have a lifetime warranty, and after a lot of use (5 years?) you can
>> have it replaced free of charge, thus the inaccuracies go away.

>Don't know about HD, but Sears does not provide a lifetime
>warranty on torque wrenches.  It is about the only tool on
>which they do not...

Right.  Found that the out the hard way when I broke the plastic adjustment
collar on a Sears Torque Wrench, which listed at $69.95.

I bought the replacement wrench from Imparts, for $89.95 from Imparts,
and it came in a nice plastic case, and has more rugged construction than
the Craftsman. You could get it for less if you ask for Victor or Jim,
and mention the quattro list.
(Thanks to Eric F. for setting up the discount!)

-Peter Schulz
1990 Coupe Quattro