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Engine physics - who cares?

ur-q Phil writes:
So he did.  I read all 8.6KB of it at the time.

[snip 9 pages to come to some speculation]

C'mon, guys.  Take it private.


It isn't speculation as you state, what has occurred is a 
numerical dissection of the operation of a turbocharged
Audi 5 cylinder 2 valve engine. I would guess that there
are interested parties reading this exercise and learning
how their Audi's work? Maybe I am wrong, but I for one
like to know what is going on under my hood and I think
others have an interest in it too. 

I'm probably wrong and no one is interested in why their 
engine works the way it does. I guess all we need to know
how to swap out 170/250 watt H4 bulbs on a weekly 
basis. (tongue in cheek here).

Since the A4 1.8T seems to be filling up the roads and
with the VW version coming out, I hope some A4 owners
are doing the math for their cars. All these owners want
to know is which vendor is cranking out the most boost 
pressure in a chip upgrade and where do I buy it. Given
the size of the OEM turbo, cold side the size of my fist
and hot side the size of my palm, and visually scaling to
the K26, it would be easy to see that these guys are 
probably way down on the turbo efficiency map at 6000
RPM and the 12 psi these vendors are supplying. I 
would speculate that these guys are generating nothing
but heat when running the stock turbo in this region.
But I guess no one cares, 12 psi of boost in an A4 
sounds cool.
Dave Lawson