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Engine Flushies

About engine flushes....

Before changing to synthetic oil, I have used an engine flush made by 
"Gunk".  It's a one-quart additive.   Amsoil recommends using their 
own engine flush, similar to the one above, and I would use it in 
preference to Gunk if I'd had any of it - but I didn't...

The purpose is to try and clean out deposits which form even in the 
cleanest petro-oil engine.  Synthetic is incredibly detergent and 
will continue to clean the engine after it's added. You're just 
trying to knock out as much as possible before the oil goes in.  
The cleaning effect of synthetic is not a bad reason to do a 3K oil 
change after the changeover, even if you intend to run longer oil 
change intervals after that.

In South Africa?  Gee, I dunno.  If I didn't find soimething labeled 
for the engine flush, I would use a quart of Automatic Transmission 
Fluid, run the engine for at least 30 minutes, then drain.  ATF is 
very detergent.  Back in the 60's and 70's it was not uncommon for 
"car guys" to add a quart before the oil change to clean the engine 
and also to clean the hydraulic valve lifters.  Can't vouch for the 
virtues of the latter, but to the best of my knowledge ATF does not 
harm anything, and might help clean, as long as you don't do highway 
driving with it in there.

NOTE: with engine flushes and ATF in the engine, driving before the 
oil change is NOT recommended.  Both thin the oil considerably (ATF 
less, of course) and lubrication may not be adequate for load-bearing 
work.  Just add  'em and idle for 30 minutes or so, then drain oil 
and change filter.

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