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Re: A Real idiot

>Then I invite you if you REALLY know what has been done, and I doubt
>that you do post it up.

>Here's the problem with theis whole thing..... NONE of you know what has
>been done on my car.  NONE of you.  

I have even a better idea.

Since its YOUR car...

And YOU mentioned it in the first place...

Why not post what HAS been done to your car, instead of becoming beligerant
over others sharing, discussing, and learning, which is the purpose of this

ya think?

Frederic Breitwieser
Homebrew Automotive Mailing List
Bridgeport, CT 06606
1989 AG Hummer 4-Door
1993 Supercharged Lincoln Continental
2000 Mid-Engine Sports Car <smile>

Seeking info on: Audi 5k Locking Diffs, Audi 5k trans bolt pattern, and
17x11" rims.