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Audi cell phone code

My '91 200 has the factory cell phone. Thanks to Alan Breitman I  have a
copy of the manual and I am ready to have the phone activated. I know the
3-digit lock code, but the previous owner hasn't come up with the
more-important 6-digit security code. According to Bentley, the code may be
obtained by the dealer after plugging in a small test adapter; the code
will come up on the phone display after a few keystrokes (see below).

When I showed up at the Audi dealer's service desk to enquire about
obtaining the 6-digit security code for the cell phone, the guy took some
notes, asked me to wait and returned from the shop after few moments to
state the following: "You'll need to bring it in and leave it for a
morning. It'll take about an hour or so to do this."

I exclaimed, "An hour?! Are you serious? The manual shows it as a few
seconds job!"

 He says, "Well, it may _look_ that way in the manual, but the technician
needs to hook up his computer equipment and blah, blah, blah..." Shrugs

"Thanks", I says, and leaves. Shaking head.

My belief is that the technician probably has not the foggiest notion of
what is involved to do this job. Figures he'll have to sit down with the
shop manual for at least half an hour. Of course then there's also the 1/2
hour he'll spend trying to locate the test tool.

The test "tool" appears to be a 25-pin (male/male) connector that I could
wire up to do the job myself _if_ I had the info. Does anyone know if the
Audi phone uses some "standard" Motorola test gizmo to get at the data
stored in the transceiver? Maybe the phone company guy has the equipment
needed, but one that I spoke to didn't seem very optimistic. I suspect it
may specific to each car manufacturer.

Anyway, if I show the following to my Audi dealer, I wonder will it make a
difference (i.e., shame them into not hitting me for an hour's labor)?

To access the 6-digit security code from Audi cellular phones--
Diagnostic Test Command 55 # (see shop manual Vol. 3., section 91.60):

step          action	                         estimated time
1	Open trunk, insert key and turn to
        unlock transceiver; slide unit
        back about 6 inches	                 15 seconds
2	Remove 25-pin power cord	         30 seconds
3	Insert test tool [US 30844];reconnect
        power cord                               30 seconds
4	Switch ignition and phone ON	         20 seconds
5	Press the # key once	                  5 seconds
6	Press 5, 5, and #	                 10 seconds
7	Press * key six times (to reach step 7
        of programming test mode)	         10 seconds
8       Read/record the 6-digit code from the
        phone's display	                         15 seconds
9	Turn off ignition	                  3 seconds
10	Remove test tool; replace power cord     30 seconds
11	Lock the transceiver, close trunk	 15 seconds

total time		                          3 min. 03 sec

In addition to actual time needed at the car, add one minute to walk to car
in parking lot and one minute for returning to shop.

Grand Total Time (est'd.):..................5 minutes 03 seconds.

'89 100
'91 200Q

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