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AC Programmer Repair, On Board Computer & Cruise Control Failure (found)

In a previous post I asked for help regarding a variety of problems.   My
biggest problems were Air conditioning/ventilation system related.  I got
some help, particularly some detailed instructions from Tony Lum, thanks
Tony.  I followed up on the trouble shooting instructions and believe that
I have a programmer with 3 of 4 solenmoids shot, but I want to make sure.

I did check the self diagnostic mode and got a 00 reading (no fault).  I
got a vacuum pump and trouble shot the vacuum lines.  No leaks.  pulling a
15 in Hg vac on all lines caused the ventilation system to flow as it
should.  I checked the programmer solenoids next.  I connected my pump in
turn to each of the outgoing tubes from the solenoids.  On each of the red
(recirc door), blue (floor-defrost), and green (bilevel) solenoids I
couldn't develop any vacuum at all.  No slow leak, just a 0 reading on the
gauge no matter how much I pumped.  The yellow (center vent) tube solenoid,
pumped to 15 in Hg and held.  Curiously, my original problem is that I
couldn't get ventilation from the center vents and that is the only
functioning solenoid.  

I would like to know how to fix the programmer, or am I better off getting
a new one?  I have heard about replacing solenoids, can they be bought by
themselves?  Any instructions for soldering them back in given that they
are partially plastic?

BTW I also had an inoperative cruise control system.  I found the casue of
that.  There is a bundle of wires coming out of the stalk with the cruise
control switches.  One was severed.  A simple splice will take care of it. 
Wish all my problems were that easy.

I still have an OBC problem.  It can't be set, adjusted, scrolled at all. 
It's flat dead I checked the switch, but it's fine.  Any other trouble
shooting suggestions?  

Thanks again.