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Urgent : Blizzaks vs Michelin XM + S 330

I know that most of you guys must be fed up with the snow tire questions, so
forgive me as I am running out of time. I am based in Minneapolis and drive a
'98 A4 2.8 Sport Q, thus I need to install snow tires. I am confused about
the Blizzaks - just about everybody raves about the snow/ice performance of
this tire, but also runs it down in the dry pavement performance, some say to
the point of being downright dangerous. Although this is snow belt country,
we do have lots of 'dry' days. I am prepared to compromise on the snow
performance for a better dry performance.I have read good reports on the
Michelin XMS 330 - anybody have experience with this tire?
Any advice on this matter appreciated.
Mogen Naidoo
'98 A4 2.8 Q Sport