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Audi defect

Today I received my second Audi recall notice in the same number of weeks.

First one involved transaxle oil change. 

Second involves a defect in the air bag sensor module which can cause the air bag to pop into your face when you are not in a wreck.  Applies to some 1989-1993 models.

While I appreciate Audi's compaign to correct defective products, I continue to be amazed at how darn cheap these companies are when they repair a problem the company caused.  This notice makes clear that if you have electrical add-on stuff that must be removed to fix the defect which could cause very serious injury "[t]he cost of removal and reinstallation of such equipment will, of course, be your responsibility and cannot be borne by Audi".  HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

In the words of my 4 year old "this is gonna be great fun".


PS This is recall campaign KF