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Why drive dem big carz...?

Art posted:

>I have a friend who is selling an '89 5000...[snip] His wife 
> commutes in it and it is in normal condition, nothing special. I 
> have never ridden in it. He is having twins and just bought a 
> windstar.

Sigh.  I just can't believe how some people stampede into minivans 
and Suburban Utility Vehicles when they get an EXCUSE, not a reason.

Story follows......
I grabbed my VERY nice 1983 280ZXT with 49,000 1-owner miles on it 
for about $4000 in 1993.  The reason was that the owner just had ONE 
- count it, ONE - new child, and immediately decreed it was time for 
a Suburban!  (I talked with him - other than this crazed reasoning, 
he was a nice and reasonably rational person.)

My wife wouldn't own a minivan or SUV.  And she won't even let me 
think about selling my 2-seat 280ZXT (too much fun to drive).  She 
loves the 200 (when it works) and finds it entirely adequate for 
passenger hauling, trips, etc.  We and our two daughters (approaching 
9 and 10 years of age) fit into the 200 very nicely, thanks.

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