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(Fwd) '86 4000S heater hose replacement

Friends, I got this email from a visitor to my Audi page - 
unfortunately, I am "clue-free" on an answer his question.  Would you 
folks be kind enough to email him direct and help?  Thanks.

From:          Robert Van Name <rvn@spacey.net>
Subject:       '86 4000S heater hose replacement

Hello Al,
This is a long shot question since your stock in trade are 5000s but
anyway: how does one change the heater hoses on a 4000S ? The damn
hoses run through the firewall into the nether world of the heater/AC
unit. The Bentley book is incompetent in this area ( and many others
). Any help would be appreciated.

Rob Van Name
Melbourne, FL

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