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Re: How Do I Become A Car Dealer?

   Interestingly enough, though I can't help you out with the process, a
resident of my town was recently given, after much trouble and petition signing,
a special dealership license. This particular license does not allow him to
display vehicles on his property in town, but it does give him the ability to go
to these dealer only auctions. His business idea? Take detailed requests from
customers, fly to a "southern" auction, pick and choose automobiles that are
requested, and then transport them north, and it's supposed to work out to be
much cheaper than going through a local dealership. Personally, I don't think it
will fly since who in their right mind would buy a car, sight unseen, from
somewhere far, far away? But I think it's very interesting that this gentleman
now has dealership plates on his car, and can attend any dealership auction, yet
he cannot display a single vehicle for sale on his property.

Hey, if it's cheap enough, I would think that we could all get these licenses
and save our friends some money (as long as it remains a friendly transaction
with no responsibility on our parts).

Sean Ford
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From: George Achorn <coolidge@tidalwave.net>

>is that it is for dealers only. In other words, to buy a car there, you
>need to be with a dealer and he/she actually needs to do the purchase.
> TONS of cars go across their block a week, and certain weeks are dedicated
>to certain makes. One week may be Ford, another GM, a third European cars
>etc. It is divided by credit companies mostly (GMAC etc.).
> I am greatly interested in having access to this auction for my own use
>and possibly for making extra money. What I need to do is get my dealer
>license from my state (in my case PA). Can anyone help me figure out how to
>go about doing so and what this costs?
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