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the truth is out there -Reply

Drivers Wanted, 
But to hell with them if they desire the truth....
Many of you know my desire for the new gen pst syn wagon, so I'll
throw in a synopse of the frustrations of even trying to get squat
out of dealers.
(1)  Owner of 86 Qtm Syn who has been waiting patiently for new
versions of the syncro.
(2)  Was told in '91 that new version would be available, then told
nope, then relatively surprised to hear of the Pst G60 syncro in
Canada years later.
(3)  Approached VW dealers years later (early'96) to discuss this new
generation Passat. Told it would never come to U.S.  How stupid is
that remark?
(4) (Early '97) Approached VW to ask when expected Passat is due,
told maybe late '98.  After reveaIing I had much info leading me to
suspect an October delivery ('97), the sales guy just about had a fit
and said no way.  Actual delivery was end of September ;-) '97.
(5)  Approached Bob Lewis dealership in San Jose (yesterday)...claims
to be largest in U.S.  Was told that only 1,000 '98's came in the
first shipment (perhaps reasonable), that he would not receive more
until April '98 (little questionable).  When told I was waiting for
the wagon, the guy, Ed Lewis (Manager / Brother?) told me U.S. would
not be getting the wagon.  Huh?  Then I told him I was waiting for
the syncro....VW will not be importing it he said.  Only in the Audi
will the quattro be available.  At that point I said, well if thats
the case let me just buy this Passat right here as its my lucky day
that you have the only existing Passat int he universe. (I was
sitting in a '98 at the time.)  What do these guys think anyway?  (I
guess every auto publication is wrong?)

While I'm leery to admit it...I work in sales...and maybe I'm too
honest....but car guys were, are & probably always will be completely
dishonest. Period.  Sell only what you have, don't even discuss the

Conjecture aside:  Our Canadian VW source has indicated the wagon and
V6 syncro will be shipped in April to North America / Canada.  Grain
of salt or not.

Derek Daily
86 VW Qtm Syncro

>>> <DaveSenu@aol.com> - 10/31/97 9:00 PM >>>
anyone out there know when the '98 passat will be available with the
(aka quattro) AWD

I can't even get a straight answer out of the dealers when the 30v v6
will be available.  range is jan to august 1998.

so much snake oil from the men in cheap suits it is unbelievable.

any insight or true facts would be appreciated.