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Audi rearview mirrors for '98

Hey Audi guys! -   FYI

Subject:  Audi Press Release

Date:          November 3, 1997



Holland, Michigan?Donnelly Corporation has begun shipping interior
electrochromic (automatic dimming) mirrors for two 1998 Audi vehicles:
the A3 coupe and the A4 sedan.  Electrochromic mirrors will be available
as an option on all trim levels of both models.

With the startup of manufacturing for these vehicles, Donnelly now
produces electrochromic mirrors for three different Audi platforms which,
in turn, make up approximately 90 percent of all Audi vehicles.  Earlier
this year, Donnelly launched electrochromic mirror production for the A6

Mirrors for all three vehicles are produced at Donnelly Mirrors, Limited
in Naas, Ireland.  Donnelly estimates it
will initially produce 60,000 electrochromic mirrors each year for the
A-class vehicles, and anticipates the electrochromic mirror volumes to
increase in subsequent model years.

?Audi is known and respected worldwide as a high-quality automaker, and
we are very pleased to see our electrochromic mirror business with the
company grow so rapidly,? said Dwane Baumgardner, Donnelly
president and chief executive officer.  ?We believe our automatic dimming
mirrors coincide perfectly with Audi?s commitment to produce vehicles
that combine the best safety technology with increased driver comfort.?

Donnelly?s electrochromic mirrors use the company?s patented GLAREFREE?
technology.  During night-time driving, electrochromic mirrors dim
automatically when they detect glare from the headlights of following
vehicles.  Several studies have shown that the reduction in glare achieved
by electrochromic mirrors reduces driver fatigue and improves driver
reaction time while driving at night.

Donnelly Corporation is an international automotive supplier dedicated to
serving customers around the globe with high-quality fabricated, molded
and coated glass products.  The company has been based in Holland,
Michigan since 1905, and has approximately 5,000 employees in 11 countries
worldwide.  Donnelly is recognized as a leader in the application of
participative management, and was named one of the ?Top Ten? in the
book, The 100 Best Companies to Work for in America.