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Re: Audi rearview mirrors for '98

Say Bill,

If you want to make a useful contribution to the list you could
tell us about your technology.  Is it the sam organic based technology
used by Gentex, or have you mastered the inorganic electrochromic
window? have you beat OCLI to  the market with this technology? 
If so are you using a nickel-oxide, tungsten oxide material?  
Does it suffer from degradation over time? How is it at high altitude?
What about 35 below zero? Know if this sounds like something beyond 
what a marketing guy can answer, that's becuase we expect more than 
a marketing guy has to give.  

Spoken another way, bring us something  to chew on, or stay home.  Your 
post gave very little value added except to advertize your company, and 
that is against the policy of this list.  I understand that this concept may
not be clearly stated, but know you know.

paul timmerman