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WARNING!!READ!! ("Join the Crew" hoax)

In message <971104083913_1736515102@emout10.mail.aol.com> DFAUTOHAUS@aol.com writes:
> Have any of you heard about this?

At least this version doesn't make my domestic animals barren.

Go to DejaNews,  search on "join the crew", go to the bottom of the page, click 
on 'Old database' and then click on 'Find'.
And please, guys, for the sake of us poor site administrators - ALWAYS do this 
before passing on a 'virus warning'.

It _is_ actually a form of virus - or rather the message _about_ the message is 
a form of virus.  And heavens knows how many people have already passed it on 
again from here.  I thought (and hoped) this one was dead.
P.S. Craig Shergold is 18, alive and well, and heartily wishes that anyone who 
     decides to send him a card of any sort would jump under a bus first.

 Phil Payne
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club