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Idler danger!

Steve said about installing a new idler pully for his timing belt:

>To install the new pulley I pressed it into the indentation in the 
>oil pump by hand, and then used the mounting bolt to snug it in.  

Danger! Danger, Will Robinson!!  That bolt may snap off if you do 
this - and you'll have to pull the whole lower front end  of the 
engine (Oil pump assy) to remove the end.

Seat the idler with a a socket as a guide, or gentle hammer taps.  
Don't use the bolt to seat it; the bolt is NOT heavy enough to 
provide the pull - it is likely to break off.  I'm happy that Steve 
got away with it, but others have NOT.  (Oddly enough, I was warned 
early - so I managed NOT to learn this firsthand...)

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