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problem: 4000 Quattro (fwd)

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Date: Tue,  4 Nov 1997 12:50:59, -0500
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Subject: problem: 4000 Quattro
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 I just found your Audi quattro website and hope you can post this 
note so someone
familiar with electronics and the ICU might be able to shine some 
light on my problem.

1985 Audi 4000 Quattro
I was sitting in my car with the engine running when a big pick up 
backed into my font end and the engine stopped. Besides a lot of 
broken glass and plastic the only damage to the engine was a broken 
power steering pump mount and temp. sensor (NTC) for the OCU. I pried 
the metal away, dis connected the power steering pump and the engine 
would not start. I replaced the temp sensor and noticed the fuel pump 
did not operate, I replaced the fuel pump relay and now the fuel pump 
works (it's only about 6 mo. old) but the engine will not start. If I 
pull out the cold start valve no fuel is being sprayed when cranked, 
If  I pour a little gas into the cold start port the motor will try 
and fire..therefore I conclude the problem is with fuel and not spark.
 What can I do next?
Please e-mail me with any suggestions.
Thanks a lot, Jim

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