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The A6 and Audi Marketing Strategy

 In a message dated 97-11-03 13:25:30 EST, I wrote:

<< Still, I can't help wondering why Audi doesn't follow BMW's example
of releasing enthusiast-oriented models at the same time as its more
 sedate offerings. >>

ScharfR@aol.com replied:

That's _not_ what BMW does . . .

I stand corrected . . . sort of.  Of course you're right about the M-series,
convertibles, etc.  But smaller engined derivatives of  the non-specialty
ranges either follow or accompany introduction of their larger engined
siblings.  Think 318i/325-8i; 525i/535i; 528i/540i. 740i/750i; 840i/850i.

Audi should be doing BMW one better by introducing A6 V6 and V8
sedans and wagons, plus an S6 M-fighter, in one glorious release. 
Great styling and Quattro are compelling features, but more variety is
needed to compete effectively against the well-established lines of
BMW, M-B, Lexus, etc. 

Bringing the matter closer to home, my affluent brother announced
yesterday that he's in the market for a new circa $50K sedan.  I know
his tastes pretty well.  Along with strong acceleration, competent street
handling and taut but resilient ride, he expects a well-designed leather
upholstered interior with mega-stereo (not necessarily a factory system)
and lots of gadgets.  He demands attentive dealer service (as a former
540i owner, he despised the BMW dealer and probably never will buy
another).   I unhesitatingly recommended the Lexus GS400, a car
unlikely to appear on my wish list.  We rang up the dealer and arranged
a test drive.  He's smitten; I'll be very surprised if he doesn't order one. 
If along with the V6 Audi had introduced an A6 V8 Quattro in this price
range, it almost certainly would be a contender.  Maybe his next car...

Stone Mountain, GA
'85 4KSQ
'89 F250 4x4 diesel
'95 Z28