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Re: Amsoil synthetic oil

At 05:16 PM 11/4/97 -0500, you wrote:
>I recall some previous postings have made positive statements about using
>Amsoil synthetic oil. That happens to be the brand recommended by my local
>Audi garage. They say that the initial use requires that a special
>"flushing" operation be done.
>Any _bad_ experiences with this procedure? Also, is a lengthened change-
>interval (i.e., > 3000) with this oil/filter combo a reasonable

Used Amsoil fer years. The flush is comparable to any on the market - I've
done it on mine, and other cars I've owned.  I would change the oil w/in
3-5000 miles first time around due to the excess dirt and gunk the higher
detergent synthetic will remove. After that, its whatever you're comfortable
with. I usually change mine @ 7K and alternate - Mobil 1 first time, Amsoil
next - only due to the cost (I average about 3K miles a month). 
Be advised although I will promote the oil because I think its the best
_and_ cheap insurance, they are obviously Amsoil dealers and selling it for
an approximate 25-30% markup. For the cost of a complete changeover (flush,
oil, filter, gear lube) you could become a dealer yourself and then buy it
wholesale... Saving enough in the process to pay for your first year's
dealer cost (which usta be 25.00). I was a dealer from 84-88. Quit when they
started selling vitamins...

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