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Re: 90 90Q20V: Exhaust Smell

My 91 coupe was gassing me last year. It turned out to be what I'll call an
aspirator tube. The original tube was rubber, and exposure to oil had
weakened it to the point of it rupturing and leaking crankcase gasses under
the hood. These gasses where sucked inside the car by the ventilation
ducts. The replacement 'hose' was metal. BTW, the smell was an equal
mixture of oil smell and exhaust smell.

Visits to 2 mechanics resulted no fix as they could not even verify any
smell at all. 1 said it was moisture in the AC ducts resulting in MOLD that
i was smelling. What an A-Hole.


At 09:24 PM 11/4/97 -0500, you wrote:
>I've just started noticing an exhaust smell coming from the heater
>vents in my 90 90Q20V.  This only happens when the car is at rest and
>then goes away when driving.  Yes I have an exhaust leak, but any clues
>where or BTDT's?
>90 90Q20V 136k mi.
>86 4KCSQ  148k mi.