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Re: Radio in 200

We speak of Bose systems in our cars as if they are all one and the
same.  They are NOT!  What's called "Bose" vary greatly from model
to model and there were some pretty bad ones, and some that are not
too bad.

I am quite the audiophile and I am generally quite critical about
Bose speakers, their home systems in particular.  However, the "Bose"
system in my A4q is actually not too bad.  It's not top notch by
any means, but it's good enough to me to keep.  I do have to turn up
the treble to restore some of the tonal balance, and there is some
nasality in the midrange, but overall, not a bad system as far as
factory-stock systems go.

If I want a great musical event, I go to a live concert.  The next
best thing is my stereo at home.  The nature of the automobile and
its environment makes it a terrible place for accurate music

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Ralph Poplawsky writes:
> I've installed my own systems before, for a lot more than $200.  IMHO, the
> Bose system is far superior to any of those.  It is also far superior to the
> factory system in my wife's ovloV 850T or any other car I have owned.
> Furthermore, I am somewhat of an audio nut and musician and have some pretty
> high-end stuff at home as a reference.  Finally, my hearing is still very
> good.  So, I can't understand why I am pretty pleased with the Bose system
> in my '91 200TQ.  Anybody else out there confused??  
> Ralph Poplawsky
> At 05:48 AM 11/5/97 -0700, AudiDudi wrote:
> >>I'm an Audi fan, and a Crutchfield fan.  My opinion of Bose is an 
> >>exercise for the reader.............
> >
> >Given the reputation Bose has acquired for going after its critics in court,
> >it's no surprise that Mr. Powell is being discrete here...
> >
> >However, being the reckless sort myself, I'll say it for him: In general,
> >Bose stuff sucks!  No ifs, ands, or buts ... IMHO, anyone who has a Bose
> >system in their Audi and more than $250 in their checking account should
> >replace it immediately.  On second thought, make that $200...