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Re: airbag recall, Part One

Ken writes:
> Hey, I learned last night what the recall operation is.  You guys 
> may already know it, but they add a ground strap to the steering 
> wheel.
> Turns out the initiator they used when they built the side impact airbag 
> inflator assembly uses a spark gap.
> When the driver gets out of the car, and has his/her hand on the
> steering 
> wheel in a certain spot, and slides out of the seat, and has the other 
> hand on a certain spot on the door, static electricity is generated, and 
> the side impact air bag goes off.

I received notice about this recall in the mail for my 96 A4q (Recall
campaign KG to add ground wire in the steering wheel), but I don't
have side air bags (those were introduced on 98 models).  I understand
that the air bag involved is not the side bag.  It's the bag in
the steering wheel.

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