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Re: G60 UrQ Conversion

 # Can you use the stock UrQ rotors with this conversion?
 # Seemed strange that you were selling new rotors after having
 # done this conversion. Sounds like a great conversion, thanks
 # for the useful information. Is it just the '87 5000 tq or are there
 # other years or models that can be used as donors? Thanks.
Nope ... I tried that one myself.  It turns out that the urQ rotors 
are ever so slightly larger than the G60s (a couple of mm) ... meaning 
that you get major rub on the caliper when they're installed.  I 
believe that I posted this when I tried it back when ...

I believe that any '86-'88 5kT or 200 has the G60 calipers.  I bought 
a set of used calipers and then brand new rotors.  I got mine from 
Santa Fe salvage ... originally they sent just the calipers w/o the 
carriers.  Fortunately a phone call got me the carriers without any 
hassle at all.  

HTH ... and enjoy!

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)