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Re: Center Bearing Drivline Fix on 90-90Q20v..with story

It's great to hear that you did find a good place to deal with for auto 
repair!  IME they are very difficult to find.

I did want to point out that the carrier bearing in the prop shaft is a 
sealed unit ... the only "serviceable" component in the propshaft is the 
u-joint.  If your carrier bearing went (as did mine on the urQ) there 
was nothing that proper service or a lack thereof could have done to 
alter the occurrence.  

I noticed that the front CVJ on my '85 4kQ was pretty dry as well ... 
perhaps there should be some sort of recommended service for them, as 
they are as tough to find as hen's teeth!  I'm going to look into the 
possibility of getting a grease nozzle under the boot, but since it is 
so easy to siply disconnect the CV at the drive flange that may be the 
best alternative.  BTW, whenever I do this I get a new drive flange 
gasket to replace the old one ... the prop shaft gaskets are different 
from those used for the front halfshafts.  

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)