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Re: Annoying Problem with '87 5KCSTQ -Reply

Derek Daily wrote:
> Warning!
> Extremely amateur diagnosis to follow.
> Is it reasonable for the LEFT side components to be more responsible
> for such throbbing during a RH turn?
> The CV is +rpm on the left, -rpm on the right during a RH
> turn...correct?  I would think more *pressure* (for lack of a more
> sophisticated answer) would be applied to the inverse side of the
> vehicle during turns.

	Correct, my mistake, that was a typo.  All the components that have
been replaced are on the left, drivers side.

	I've got a lot of good sugestions, brake cover, axel cover,
bushings/bearing, etc, so I'll spend this weekend crawling around under
the car.

	This list is great!

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