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Re: Duty Cycle Meter


 > what advantage do we gain by this, anyway?  seeing the duty cycle... hmmm, I
 > suppose makes sure you're not banging your head against the 95% or whatever
 > limit, what else?

 That's one thing.  I have a bog-down during warmup that it would help
 with (the O2 display shows I'm going full lean, but I don't know
 why).  The 'tuners' out there want to use it along with a O2
 sensor meter to fine tune their chip mods...

 > How about calibrating an interface to, say, the fuel gauge and adding a
 > switch?  any time you want, voila! instant duty cycle gauge, dimmed and
 > orange, the rest of the time a mundane indicator.  What else could be
 > monitored this way? 

 It would be a little slow to react... I think those things are
 damped with Jello.  I did see a duty cycle meter that used
 the inertia of a meter movement to do it's averaging in a fairly
 recent electronics magazine article.


PS: Nice bounce trying to reply directly...