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Wheel shake and light steering...

>wobble coming from the front left wheel. Also, and this has been
>happening for a while, the steering gets awfully light and it feels
>as if the car just wants to wander all over the road. And another
>thing, sometimes on turning the steering the is a "click" and I can
>feel it through the steering wheel. Could this be the steering rack?

until recently i thought i would soon be putting a new rack in my 86
tqw.  that is until i noticed the small sections in the bentley (and
haynes) about steering gear adjustment.  i don't remember this being
mentioned on the list.  get a 10mm socket and a 2 foot extension and you
should be able to do it in a shirt and tie.
there is a bolt head on the cover plate on the rack toward the driver's
side.  (this may be different in RHDs)
you keep turning this bolt clockwise in 20 degree increments until the
steering won't self-center after a turn during the test drive.
once it is this tight, go counterclockwise 10-20 degrees until it is
free again.  should be less than 10 minutes from the time you finish
reading this until you finish your final test drive.


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