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Re: Fr. Wheel bearing noise

> It's generally true, that when you UNLOAD one of the bearings, it's going to
> make noise. This defies normal thinking, I know. I have found it to be the
> other way around though, but it's very rare. Best way to find out for sure
> is to jack up the car, have a buddy go through the gears taking it up over
> 80 mph or so, and then putting it in neutral and shutting the engine off
> allowing the drivetrain to free-wheel. Put an ear (not too close!) to each
> wheel and listen for the one making the most racket. Don't discount the
> poss. that the wheel brgn you just installed isn't bad. Check it anyway.

Use a mechanic's stethoscope - far safer if you are going to do this.
In fact, it's what my mechanic said they do since 'the sound bounces
around and you can't tell where it's coming from '.

I did one of my bearings myself and guessed right... it was the LOADED
bearing.  But bear in mind that these bearings have two races, so
you can get the situation where cornering can cause it to be
louder when unloaded.