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VW Audi News : LeMans in Our Sights

I just picked up the new Autocar (Brit's version of Autoweek). The WR12
showcar from Tokyo was shown and some info regarding it and the WR12 engine
was mentioned. As it turns out the WR12 will be built (not only the engine
but the car), for an assault on LeMans. Ferdinand Piech is definitely
obsessed with VW. They want to steel a little thunder from the CLK GTR. 
	The engine will be 48valve with variable valve timing, and in the case of
the WR12 GT1 and the top of the line VW sedan, will be mated with a six
speed sequential shifter. In the case of the sedan, an automatic will be
optional. The WR12 will also find a home in the new Audi A8. I suppose
that'll mean the 4.2L V8 will be more common in the A6 (that last part is
all my theorization). The V12 will push out 414 bhp in stock form and in
race form over 700bhp.
	The Passat plus with 8cyl to compete with the E class is going to be a
WR8, and not a VR8. That leaves the possibility of a VR4 engine. 
	Also at the London Motor Show SEAT showed an Ibiza Cupra F2. It had 200hp
and 6speed transmission. It also featured UrQuattroish flared fenders and
what appeared to be 17" rims. If this thing is any hint of a future GTI, I
am definitely interested.