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VW Audi News : Possible VW Partsbin

Thinking about my post yesterday I came to some conclusions. If a Variable
Valve Timing and 4 valve per cylinder WR12 with 6-speed sequential shifter
makes it into production in the future VW Q-ship, we can expect several
things through the VW partsbin association.

1. VR6 improvements - The WR12 is essentially 2 VR6s grafted together, so a
24V VR6 with variable valve timing is probable. Considering too that the
future A4 chassis based VR6s will come in the form of a Syncro this makes
further sense. VW never wanted more power on a fwd car, but on awd the
story is different. Imagine a VR6 24V VVT (Variable Valve Timing). Rumors
also say the engine will be in 2.9L form, meaning easily over 200bhp,
probably more like 220bhp.

2. 6speed sequential shifter - it will be in longitudinal format so it is
easy to surmise that the tranny will feasibly fit in the B, C and D chassis
cars. If that is the case an optional 6-speed sequential could logically be
offered as optional equipment on the S4, S6  or S8 models.

Either way, imagine the possibilities, like retrofitting a 2.9 VR6 24V VVT
in an A2 GTI etc etc etc.

For VW and Audi enthusiasts the future is so bright, we gotta wear shades-G