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Re: Oil pressure drop, but oil level fine...

> My Audi is a 20V Coupe non turbo and it's pressure is about the same 1.3
> to 1.8 barwith Synthetic 10W40.
> Do you know what it was before the oil change?  And are you useing an OEM
> oil filter?There may be more back pressure on some non OEM oil filters.

Oil filter is from VW/Audi and not some arb filter. Before the change
I just used to put in multigrade which was something like 20W50. When
using that the oil pressure never dropped below the 1.8 bar the manual

> And doe's the oil light come on at any time?

No. Nothing like that. But since this drop in oil pressure I have to
admit that this thing really moves compared to what it was before. :)

> And another thought. There may be nothing wrong. It may just be the
> viscocity.
> What the manual say about viscocity?

The manual says 20W50 multigrade is what should be used for all-year
round use. I spoke to my mechanic this morning, he has the car today
to see where it is leaking from (I hope not from the camshaft seals,
again!!!), he told me it is the oil and its viscocity that is doing
that. My concern now is what pressure should I become worried at? I
mean, if the manual indicates 1.8 bar is low enough to warrant and
immediate inspection, then if I'm running 1.0 or 0.8 bar then when do
I become concerned? Should I just worry about the oil light and when
it comes on?

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