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Re: Bose Radio

In a message dated 11/6/97 you write:

> I don't want to seem pedantic, but the radio you speak of is a Blaupunkt
> We probably agree that it is junk, but we should also agree not to malign
> wrong manufacturer for the scrap that another makes.  Bose doesn't make
> radios, they only provide a couple of the proprietary ICs within, as well
> the loudspeakers, enclosures, etc.  It would be good to ascribe blame and
> credit fairly, where due.

> All radio reliability problems, and there are many, with the Delta and
> units are Blaupunkt problems. The radios seem to have a very poor track 
> record (poor reception, failed volume control, failed displays, random loss
> signal, random station changes, ...).  It's not surprising that Blaupunkt
> lost the vast majority of their OEM business in the US.

While I agree the quality of US import asian built Blaupunkt products has
gone WAY down in the past 8 or so years, they are not to blame for Audi Delta
and Gamma radio problems as far as I know. In the late '80's (88 or 89 model
year) Audi made a switch for OE radios to Matsushita (parent Co. of
Panasonic, etc.) and only one year of Delta was made by Blaupunkt. The
decisions for what o.e. brand Audi used was based on cost. The reason I know
all of this is that during the mid to late 80's I ran the western US's
largest repair volume Blaupunkt "key" warranty service center. 

Regarding the Bose stuff...it is the design principle of all Bose equipment
to be mid-range heavy, and inherently inaccurate in the low and high
frequency ranges. In the car application, as has been mentioned by many,
there are various designs which carry that name and many sound better than
others even in the same brand of car.

I have had no ties with Blaupunkt for now almost 10 years (and never worked
for them per say). I do agree the product they currently import to the US is
not very good and don't own it or have any interest in it myself. Where I
felt this post required clarification is in the vendor of the actual head
units. Also keep in mind that these o.e. units are co-designed by the car
maker. So we all have Audi to thank (and blame) for these poor designs which
are controlled by unit cost as much as any functional factors regardless of
who the vendor is. I won't start naming names of other known vendors but
there are some that are held in the highest regard to this day (for their own
name brand products) who sell total crap in the o.e. market to domestic and
asian car makers.

So bottom line, blame whoever you wish...but as a general rule...o.e. stereos
suck. The best bet if one is into high end car audio (which I am really not)
to yank everything and replace as has been posted on countless times. I shy
away from audio related discussions on this list but felt this clarification
was in order as it is Audi related since they define the specifications for
an o.e. radio and the price they are willing to pay for those specifications.
Radios are like tires and everything else. You don't like what came o.e. you
change it out. Now I wonder what torque setting to use on that volume

Mike Veglia
87 5kcstq (was Blaupunkt o.e. is Sony with CD changer by previous owner)