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Re: Skoda and Audi Family?

In a message dated 97-11-11 03:26:05 EST, kamerer@concentric.net writes:

<<         .... The  Octavia is on the A3 platform, what VW calls "A."  ...>>

The Octavia is actually on the VWAG corporate A4 platform (not to be confused
with the Audi A4, which in on the B5 platform).  Other "partners" on this
platform are the Audi A3 and the next generation Golf/Jetta (a.k.a. Vento),
and the new Beetle.
 <<  They also point out that a special law was passed this year exempting
 VW from the corporate reorganization laws passed earlier this year.  The
 effect was to enhance the voting rights of the state of Lower Saxony, which
 holds a 20% stake in VW.  This way the government retains control without
 having to buy the company, and in the process renegs on its liberlaization
 promises and screws the other individual and corporate shareholders.  >>

This is not a new law.  The "VW exemption" has been on the books for decades.
 The recent action was simply a reaffirmation of the existing law.  Any
shareholders who were looking for a better deal were looking for a change in
existing law -- not always a hopeful prospect.