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Wanted: Audi 4000s Info

I am looking at purchasing a 1982 Audi 4000s with 35,000 miles from a
neighbor of mine for my son who will soon be a new driver.

It is a one owner auto, has automatic transmission and has been well
maintained. They are selling it due to health reasons of the owner.

I need information on what to look for in terms of mechanical problem
areas, reliability, what pitfalls or problems the car may have down the
road, parts availability, and if repairs/maintenace is expensive. Are
these cars hard to work on by an experienced home mechanic (mostly
british cars)? Would this make agood car for a new driver?

Any other comments or information concerning this particular model would
be appreciated. 

Also any pricing guidlines or what one should expect to buy this car for
would be helpful.

Thanks you in advance,

Lenny Seidman
Lenny Seidman
Elkins Park, Pennsylvania, USA  
email: lseidman@erols.com