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RE: Tail light Tips/Tricks?

3M makes a product called "Strip Caulk" and it works great for sealing
these. The taillights are always first on my list of what to check when
there is water in the trunk of an Audi, very common for them to leak. I
usually use the strip caulk in addition to the original sealant, which
is very similar to the strip caulk.
Jim Dupree
1984 4ksq
1984 4ks

>From: 	Huw Powell[SMTP:human@nh.ultranet.com]
>Sent: 	Tuesday, November 11, 1997 9:05 PM
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>Subject: 	Re: Tail light Tips/Tricks?
>> Does anyone know any tricks to help preserve the gasket during removal?
>> Also, is any special preparation needed when re-using the gasket, such as a
>> thin coat of some type of oil?
>I don't think you're supposed to be able to reuse those things.  Cost me a
>power lock pump on my second Audi.  Seller (private dealer) replaced cracked
>lens, not gasket, drowned pump resulted.  I moved the pump up out of the sump
>when I replaced it!  Hmm, but i bet I didn't replace the gasket...  anyway
>facing a similar issue wrt my coupe trunk leaks - my fiche doesn't even show
>the gasket as a part.  help?
>Huw Powell
>HUMAN Speakers
>79,80,81,*82*,83,84,85,86,87,88,97 Audi Coupe (GT)...