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RE: Tail light Tips/Tricks?

> From: "Dupree, Jim" <dupree@alldata.com>
> 3M makes a product called "Strip Caulk" and it works great for sealing
> these. The taillights are always first on my list of what to check when

I looked into this stuff too. I had to seal the door molding when I replace
the molding/intrusion beams. I went to the autoparts stores and found
that black goey tape. It was to large for me and I didn't feel like rolling
it down to a smaller size, so I went to a local autoglass installer. They
showed me black butal tape. They had the large and a smaller size.
This seems to be the same stuff as the 3M product. So, if you want more
choices (and feel like dickering on the price), check out the autoglass