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Tail light Tips/Tricks?

I am not sure if the gasket you are referring to is the butyl seal that I've 
re-used twice on my '87 4000 csq. But the stuff is very similar to the seal 
I used on the rear window of my 914, last I checked you could no longer get 
it. But it came in rolls and was pretty cheap.

I've made sure that it was cold out so that the seal would not pull out like 
taffy. The last time I re-used it I applied a thin coat of silicone (not the 

Speaking of tail lights, does anyone have any experience with the smoked 
units that Wheel Power Inc (in Placentia, CA) sells. They actually use a 
black paint (available in three tints) to coat the lenses. I'm thinking of 
having the ones on my S4 done. Oddly the outer lenses use a foam rubber type 
gasket, but the ones mounted on the trunk lid use that great butyl seal!

BTW, removed all of the carbon fiber trim from the S4 yesterday, what a 
PITA. If anyone ever thinks about doing this, be very patient and get a copy 
of the directions (e-mail me if you want them). Thanks for the help Peter.

          Frank Amoroso
          '93 S4
          '87 4000 csq

> Does anyone know any tricks to help preserve the gasket during removal?
> Also, is any special preparation needed when re-using the gasket, such as 
> thin coat of some type of oil?

I don't think you're supposed to be able to reuse those things.  Cost me a
power lock pump on my second Audi.  Seller (private dealer) replaced cracked
lens, not gasket, drowned pump resulted.  I moved the pump up out of the 
when I replaced it!  Hmm, but i bet I didn't replace the gasket...  anyway 
facing a similar issue wrt my coupe trunk leaks - my fiche doesn't even show
the gasket as a part.  help?