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Re: Tail light Tips/Tricks?

>> Does anyone know any tricks to help preserve the gasket during removal?
>> Also, is any special preparation needed when re-using the gasket, such as
>> thin coat of some type of oil?

Huw said:

>I don't think you're supposed to be able to reuse those things.  Cost me a
>power lock pump on my second Audi.  Seller (private dealer) replaced
>lens, not gasket, drowned pump resulted.  I moved the pump up out of the
>when I replaced it!  Hmm, but i bet I didn't replace the gasket...  anyway
>facing a similar issue wrt my coupe trunk leaks - my fiche doesn't even
>the gasket as a part.  help?
On the 86 5ktqw the tail lights are sealed by a putty like gasket not
reusable.  You can get it at automotive shops or dealers.  Usually called
dumdum (don't ask).  It comes in the form of putty strips. I got some of
this stuff from a GM dealer (sorry guys) for free.  The guy did not know it
was for an Audi.


86 5ktqw