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Re: Idle Accelerates in 88 5kQT

Paul Hutchinson wrote:

>My 88 5kQT has an idle problem.  The idle will suddenly shoot up to 2000
> or 3000 rpm.

Check the  idle/full throttle switch and verify that it's working, then check
the deceleration cut-off valve.  The deceleration cut-off valve works off
the signal from the idle switch.  This switch often works intermittently.  It
is right on the side of the throttle body. It can, with difficulty, be cut with a
razor blade/cracked open and the contacts cleaned and resoldered.  If
you remove it, you have to be very careful to reinstall it in exactly the
same position as it is very sensitive to the angle of the throttle opening. 
BTW, if the valve on your car is bad, the PN is 035-133-985A.

Best Wishes,
'86 5KCSTQ