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Locking brakes

I have been asked by a friend to fix the brakes on his 84 5K Avant.  The car
has 140K on it, and not sure of the past mechanical history since he bought
it this summer.

The brakes began to lock up in late summer.  They would do so after about 1/2
to 3/4 hour of driving in city traffic.  They do not lock completely, it is
noticed from moving from a stop, you can feel the brakes break lock.

We replaced the MC and brake lines, and then bled the system with new fluid.
 The pads still have 2/3 life let.  Well the brakes work better but they
still lock.  

The pedal pressure feels normal.  But could there be a problem with the bomb
or booster?  Maybe something else?  What am I missing?

5 Audis-

BTW: I picked up a tip from someone here about using K&W Trans X seal restore
from NAPA.  I went out that night and bought some, put it in one car that had
a rather liberal Pentosin leak ...  and it worked.  I'm not religious, but
miracles never cease.  Praise NAPA.