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OLD Audis...

Speaking of old auids, I begged my father to give me this 73 100ls he had
laying around for the longest time. I was 14 years old and decided this was
to be my first car. By the time I was 16, I was getting pretty good at
mechanics and electronics. By the time I was 16.1 years old I was a 'master
mechanic' and knew the tow truck drivers number and family history by heart.

Several years later I inherited the family's 82 5ks with 150,000 miles on
it. Sure it was going to be another roach, I gritted my teeth and dealt with
it. In 1991, with 195,000 miles on it, I drove it from Pennsylvania to
California and back, hitting 21 states in 3 weeks. In 1994 I parked it for a
year, outside. It began deteriorating quickly and that's when I posted it
for sale for $50. 4 German exchange students took me up on the price, bought
a set of new tires and had the oil changed and drove it 9,000 miles in one
month, from Pa. to Seattle, to Montana, through Canada and back to Pa. # of
the students went back to Germany, the other stayed here and took it to
Maine I believe. They E-mailed me evey step of the way! I miss my old Audi
(not the 100) and if you see a white 82 with a severely rusted LR quarter
panel and a cracked windshield, say hi to it for me :```(

The funny thing is, in all those years and miles, the ONLY major expense I
incurred with the car was rebuilding the alternator!!  $60 if I remember
right :)   Best car I ever owned... so far.
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