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New 5kcsq Owner

     While contemplating how the Ontario Vehicle Licensing Office could 
     increase their efficiency, by owe say 200%, by investigating in a 
     newer printer that can print more than 30 cps I was surprised to find 
     how many previous owners my 1988 5kcsq had. Hmmm, a bad sign??
     Anyway, I'm now the proud owner of a tornado red 5kcsq. This is when I 
     regret not having kept all the many wonderful fixit posts on the 5k 
     series cars over the last 4 years. Oh well please forgive me if I ask 
     question that (surely) will have already been answered on the list. 
     I'll use the archives as much as I can but even the best search 
     engines can sometimes come up blank. And it may be some time before 
     the Bentley manuals arrive since the Canadian post office are going on 
     The wife was non plussed when I left (The Best Buys) copy of European 
     Car open on the kitchen table. Look dear a red quattro just like yours 
     and it's a best buy.... I can tell this is going to be a hard sell...
     Regards, Mike
     '83 ur-q
     '85 ur-q
     '88 5kcsq (really a 5kcdq)
     And to Dave Eaton, thanks for two great posts!
     Now where the he1l did I put that steak knife?