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Re:cold start prob 87 5kcdq

Thanks to Brett and Rudy this prob is solved.  Cracked hose.  Yahoo.  Minus 5 here now.

Onto next prob.  Runnin' rich.  Is there anyone, including the eminent persons above, that can give
a short course (we're not talking nuclear fission here) on tunin' the beast using a hex key and a
screwdriver.  At this point the idle is just under 700, a tad low, still got spunk, but stinks.
I'm used to tunin' the ol' Volvo's and stuff with the SU's.

I am startin' to like this car!  And parts of it are galvanized!  Not the trunk tho....nor the
trunk lid.

I don't have any deer or javalin stories, but I like the latter.  They actually try to chase you
down.  Seems appropriate that if you going to whack some poor beast it's going to try and kick some

Best regards,