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'90 Coupe Q 20V FS

I drove over to see a very recently FS '90 red/gray leather Coupe Quattro
20V. Very pretty car! Heated power seats, headlight washers, etc. I started
the engine (sounded OK) but didn't have time to drive it. Only 60,000 miles
(14K on odo) and according to the dealer, was owned by an "elderly couple"
who bought it off-lease 4 years ago and got tired of the 5 spd so traded it
in for an automatic. Another dealer told me he thought it had some
rightside collision damage repair (the rocker panel area)--I didn't
notice--it had been snowing. It's very, very clean inside.  Dealer said
it's going into the classifieds (tomorrow?) asking $12K, but he'll probably
settle for around $8000, he said.

It's at Steve D'Agostino's (near Utica, NY) 315-896-2016

If any interest, I could try to get more info, as I drive by fairly often.

Full disclosure statement: I have no personal interest in this. Don't
really know Steve, but a lot of people around here buy Audis from him.

'91 200q
'89 100