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Audi Turbo Diesel query

Among my various Audis is an 80 5k diesel.  I would like to get a turbo
diesel to replace it--but something more recent: at least a post 84
model with the rounded 5000 body style.  From what I understand, Aude
didn't import any diesels into the US after 82 or 83--only Canada.  If
anyone from Canada has one, send me an email.  Do we have much of an
Canadian presence on the list?   
	From my Bentley Manuals, it doesn't appear that the turbo diesel engine
is much different from the n/a engine, and the boost isn't very heavy. 
Does anyone know if I can use my n/a diesel engine and injector pump as
a spare for the turbo diesel?  Is the tranny-engine bolt pattern
	Can anyone from Canada tell me if the turbo diesels ever came in the
quattro or wagon models?  Lastly, what difficulties might I have trying
to bring a T diesel into the US from Canada?  I know this isn't a very
exciting topic for most of the list, but I would appreciate info from
any of you.  If not, maybe someone could point me to a Canadian source
for T diesel Audis.  Thanks,  Joel