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Re: Mice!

Hi all:

At 10:38 PM 11/12/97 -0600, you wrote:

>We've also found, almost every year, a nest in our outboard motor(40hp..not
>that large!)  This year the little buggers chewed through the insultation
>on the electronic ignition unit and a ground wire.  Dunno what's so tasty
>about rubber/plastic insultation.  <sigh>

We have the same problem with our snowmobiles, they chew up all the
foam and build a nest in the airbox. I've tried mothballs and the like to 
keep them away but the only thing that has worked is cutting wooden 
plugs to fit tightly into all the holes that they could enther through.

We do put traps baited with PB in our cars that we store for the winter,
and check the traps often. They seem to like the taste of leather. :-(

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