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Re: PT failures

In a message dated 97-11-13 04:25:05 EST, you write:

<< >What causes pressure sensors in turbo ecus to fails? The wet pcv sytem?
 >More than one qlister has replaced theirs. Where does one find them, how
 >much do they cost, are they a generic item that you can get from Radio
 >Shack? Can one get a sensor that can read more than 2.0 bar and will it
 >make the ecu operate at 2.0 bar and above? The ecu will remain stock in
 >that scenario.
 The reason that the pressure transducers fail is the hammering they take 
 on the boost spike when the throttle is slammed shut.
There is no pressure spike in the intake manifold on throttle shut.  The
pressure spike is BEFORE the throttle body.  After the throttle body is
vacuum, immediately.  PT is at the back of the intake manifold.  There is NO
pressure spike there.  Hitting a PT above (or even at) it's rated capacity
can (and does) make it less accurate.  Specifically, hitting a 2.0PT (stock
in 10vt cars) with 2.0PR>.  

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